diy shrinkydinks

making shrinkydinks via stuff i found in my buildings recycling room. yussss


for philip dearest

i made this for philip dearest's ocd/anxiety zine. nervous nervous nervous

luvv youu

postcard /slash/ illustration/ slash/ whatever

it started out much different....


sparkel cat lens flair mood

i am in a good good mood. possibly moving to australia. or the uk. or spain. or italy. <3


silkscreen prints

these are all prints i did this spring. i loveeee silkscreensssssssss!



sad day! i just realized i printed "earl the girl" with 2 of the pages swapped and a couple of typos! grrrr how frustrating! i know better for next time to quadruple check my prints :( im super duper disappointed and want to replace any misprinted copies with a pretty and new one. just email me your name and address, and i'll send you one free of charge! and i promise i wont stalk your life :)


or if i know you in real life, call or text me