prince essfora day

micron and digicolorr

strange love

sometimes i like to paint my face. thanks for not thinkin me a creep, hun.

watercolor and stink



under the bed

water color and ink. page 2 next weekey!

p.s. aren't watercolors are the most obnoxious thing to scan? shit.



this is a project im working on in my silkscreening class. its 22 pages of homonyms!

see the rest ->here (i like the way tumblr does galleries better)


minicomics galore!

2 of my minicomics! ink and inkwash

16 page mini-comic. it was in a gallery show! fancyy. see the rest ->here

15 page minicomic. see the rest ->here

freshy fresh

these are some projects from my freshman year computer art class. ay dios mio!

fake book cover, photoshop

my old house! well, townhouse, in illustrator

i colored a page from ghostworld for my digicolor class. yay dan clowes !
ganesh from a fake box of curry. illustrator

fly higher

i got hired to do a flyer for an event! it was actually really fun to make.


life in progress

these are 3 of 8 pages from a little story i wrote. i dont know if i like the story as much as i like the colors...


one pagers

an assignment that had to show a "social issue"

illustrative song lyrics "honey honey" by feist

keys, cellphone, wallet, teeth!

i make friends with some very interesting people.


johnny boi

johnny, george, raoul, and bonbon. johnny depp supposedly is one of the hardest actors to characterize because he is too goodlooking.


sweet zips

this is an illustration i did for supersweet magazine. watercolor & ink & photoshop. it was for a fashion article about zippers

rainbows and sunshine

watercolor and pencil. this started out as a drawing of my sister, but she would never dress like this. but she does have those gloves.

ooh, andd there was a rainbow over the fine state of jersey, i had to take a cellyphone photo.

cd covers

blood brothers neon anthology. had to design 4 cd covers freshy year

i like the peacock/hen ones best



i am super excited for an upcomming project im doing. its going to combine comics with music and the possibility glow-in-the-dark art and live performances



its summer time and i took my niece to coney island

she is too adorable


your kid sister

this is maïa vidal of "your kid sister". she does a lot of rancid covers and im kind of inlove with her voice. just sayin.

im going to buy an accordion now.


aloha oe

*EDIT* im taking a silkscreening class, so this is my first print ever. now that i know how to do it, i want to silkscreen everything. seriously.

this was an unused crappy print, but the others are already accordion books

and this is my ink version, which had originally been a fold-out mini book