prince essfora day

micron and digicolorr

strange love

sometimes i like to paint my face. thanks for not thinkin me a creep, hun.

watercolor and stink



under the bed

water color and ink. page 2 next weekey!

p.s. aren't watercolors are the most obnoxious thing to scan? shit.



this is a project im working on in my silkscreening class. its 22 pages of homonyms!

see the rest ->here (i like the way tumblr does galleries better)


minicomics galore!

2 of my minicomics! ink and inkwash

16 page mini-comic. it was in a gallery show! fancyy. see the rest ->here

15 page minicomic. see the rest ->here

freshy fresh

these are some projects from my freshman year computer art class. ay dios mio!

fake book cover, photoshop

my old house! well, townhouse, in illustrator

i colored a page from ghostworld for my digicolor class. yay dan clowes !
ganesh from a fake box of curry. illustrator

fly higher

i got hired to do a flyer for an event! it was actually really fun to make.


life in progress

these are 3 of 8 pages from a little story i wrote. i dont know if i like the story as much as i like the colors...


one pagers

an assignment that had to show a "social issue"

illustrative song lyrics "honey honey" by feist

keys, cellphone, wallet, teeth!

i make friends with some very interesting people.


johnny boi

johnny, george, raoul, and bonbon. johnny depp supposedly is one of the hardest actors to characterize because he is too goodlooking.